Your easy road

to the NFT and

Metaverse world

Artifact is an advanced multichain NFT ecosystem delivering the best experience for content owners and collectors.

You don’t need to know blockchain to use Artifact

We create user-friendly NFT products with leading content providers around the world.

Artifact includes all the tools of an advanced NFT platform

User-friendly minting process without external wallet needed

Various trading tools like auctions, marketplace, drops or raffle

Content creators’ royalties for secondary market trades

Integration with play-to-earn games and Metaverse

Fiat and crypto payment processing

Our tech is also

quite amazing

Own blockchain

Own PoS blockchain (FBA, BFT) that complies with Eco-NFT and Clean-NFT trends and provides extra control over the system

No fees when creating the token

Lazy minting option, allowing creators to mint NFT with 0 fees

Multi-chain support

NFT can be minted on any public blockchain like Ethereum, Flow, Solana and others within one platform

We create a collaborative

ecosystem for brands, artists,

games and Metaverse 

Our platforms

& more coming

Our partners

Artifact is backed up by

A group of tech companies with 2000+ employees in 16 countries providing solutions for global market leaders across various industries.

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